Football hitting the net of a goal

What is Kwiki?

Kwiki was created to help you organize a simple football tournament as quickly as possible. The goal is to promote physical activity on amateur and semi professional level by providing a free, quick and simple service for generation of tournament schedules, score keeping and live presentation of game results, tables and playoff brackets to the public.

When should I choose Kwiki Tournament?

You should choose to use Kwiki if you are looking for a free service to manage a smaller Football or Futsal tournament. Kwiki Football Tournament is 100% dedicated to the biggest and most important sport of the world, Football. Therefore there is no need to complicate configuration and setup of tournaments. Kwiki simply follows Official FIFA rules where possible.

You want the persons playing in the tournament and other interested to be able to follow the tournament results and standings in real time.

You want to manage all administrative tasks yourself or together with a small number of trusted co-administrators.

You do not have the need to configure every little detail and rule of the tournament and are happy that Kwiki works with Official FIFA football rules for points calculation and tie-breakers out-of-the-box.

Examples of use cases are:

  • Pick up football tournaments
  • Company football or futsal tournaments
  • Summer beach tournament with friends
  • Football tournaments during summer camps
  • Little league tournaments
  • For fun tournaments with friends

When should I not choose Kwiki?

If you are looking to organize a tournament for any other game than football (unless you do not mind all references to Football). If you are looking for a more professional service with access control, support for more types and configuration of tournaments, other sports and/or resource- or team-management you should probably look for another service. There are several such services on the market and without favouring any particular one here is a non conclusive list of services to consider:

Why the name Kwiki?

The name Kwiki (/ˈkwɪki/) comes from Quickie, meaning something done quickly. So, a Kwiki is a football tournament created and managed quickly with no fuzz.

The name also has its origin in the word Wiki, used popularly for a system where the users themselves manage and update it with content. Using Kwiki anyone with the link to the administrators link can help manage the Tournament. The whole idea is to be able to share the burden (and joy) of score reporting and be able to get more time to do what we actually love, play football!

The third origin for the name is a popular football game called "Snabben" (literally "The quickie") which kids of all ages play in Sweden. The goal is to win against your opponents in a penalty shoot out with the added spice of that everyone that misses have to change place with the goal keeper and the next person in line can shoot as soon as he gets control of the ball. This makes for a very quick and extremely fun game.

Is Kwiki really free?

Well, no, not entirely. Kwiki is funded by advertisement and offers from affiliate program partners shown on your tournament pages as well as from voluntary donations. But it is free in the sense of that you are not obliged to pay money to use the service.