Football hitting the net of a goal

How do I Create and Manage a Free Knockout Football Tournament Online Using Kwiki Football

1. Tournament Format Selection

  • Go to the page Create new Tournament
  • Determine the format of your tournament, in Kwiki this step is as easy as selecting the option "League (Round-robin)" option and selecting the number of participating teams. Kwiki helps you by offering you only options that gives a balanced and fair tournament.
  • A random team name from the participating teams in the World Cup 2022 are automatically assigned to each team of the knockout tournament. Any team name can later be changed directly from the administration page by clicking the team name in the list of games or in the standings table.

2. Draw and game schedule

  • Kwiki automatically conducts a draw to determine the matchup for all the rounds of the tournament.
  • Kwiki creates a list of games visually displays the matches that each team will play. Each team will play against every other team once.

3. Scorekeeping, result reporting and standings tracking

  • Decide if you alone or a set of trusted persons (for example the captain or leader of each team) should be responsible for keeping scores. All persons administrating the tournament need to be given the link to the admin page.
  • The persons use the administration page to update the score in real time during the games using the number inputs next to each team and to lock-in the results when the final whistle is blown by clicking the lock icon.
  • Kwiki maintains a standings table up-to-date at all time throughout the tournament to track the progress of each team. Even when the games are ongoing a preliminary standings table is shown in the admin and the public tournament pages.
  • The standing table contains:
    • Team name
    • Played games
    • Won games
    • Draw games
    • Lost games
    • Goals forward
    • Goals against
    • Points
    The points are calculated as follows:
    • 3 points for a won game
    • 1 point for a draw game
    • 0 points for a lost game
  • Any person (players, organizers, referees, audience and other interested) can follow the tournament in real time using the tournament public link.

4. Deciding a tournament winner

  • When all games in all rounds of the tournament have been played and all results have been locked-in the winner of the tournament can be decided. The winner is the team that has gathered the most points in total. If two or more teams have the same amount of points the winner is decided according to the following tie breakers:
    1. Highest number of points
    2. Goal difference
    3. Goals scored
    4. Drawing of lots